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Harnessing the Human Element in B2B Sales



Blending psychological insights and practical strategies to master the human element in B2B sales.

At The Upward Spiral Group, we believe that at the heart of every successful B2B transaction lies a fundamental truth: Business to Business is still Human to Human (B2B is still H2H). Our unique sales training services are designed to transform your sales team by integrating insights from consumer, behavioral, and evolutionary psychology into practical sales strategies.

Deep Dive Discovery

Our training begins with teaching sales representatives the art of deep dive discovery. By learning to probe beyond the surface, your team will effectively uncover the underlying problems and needs of your clients. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of client challenges, aligning your solutions more closely with their requirements.

Emotional Engagement & Strategic Alignment

We guide your team in initiating emotional conversations, a critical component in building trust and relationships. Our training focuses on connecting these emotional engagements to your client’s strategic priorities, ensuring that your solutions resonate with their larger business objectives.

Moral and Identity Dilemmas

Our innovative training includes techniques to create moral and identity dilemmas. This method helps in establishing a stronger rapport with clients, as your team learns to connect on a more personal and ethical level, which is often overlooked in traditional B2B sales training.

Informed by Research

What sets our training apart is its foundation in extensive field experience and research in consumer, behavioral, and evolutionary psychology. Understanding these core human traits allows your sales team to better connect, understand, and build lasting relationships with clients.

Flexible Training Formats

Our sales training is available in two formats to suit your needs:

  1. Online Session: A comprehensive, single session designed to introduce your team to our innovative sales techniques.
  2. Customized Multi-day Experience: An immersive, in-person training tailored to your specific business needs, offering a deeper exploration of our sales methodologies.

Transform your sales approach with The Upward Spiral Group, where we blend the science of psychology with the art of sales to create a truly human-centric approach to B2B selling.

We don't just provide quick fixes - our services are an investment in your future success.

Cody Strate

Founder | Managing Director

I photograph of Cody Strate, Managing Director of Upward Spiral Group, sitting on a surfboard in Costa Rica.


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Sales Training