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Services Designed to Accelerate Company Value Through Functional Marketing.

Born from real experience, services from UPWARD help companies design and implement functional marketing systems that connect with people, compel action, build trust, create revenue opportunity, compress the sales-cycle, increase win %, and generate revenue.





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Build A Compelling Story
Deploy Functional Marketing
Automate 40% of the sales-cycle
Generate Leads
Feed Your Best Sales Reps
Increase Win %

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Crafting Stories that Convert




Marketing & Sales Alignment


Building Campaigns that Convert


Generating Revenue

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Get the most out of your best sales reps.

Increasing your revenue does not mean you need to increase the number of sales reps for your company. Often 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your sales reps. Those sales reps are your rock stars!

We take what's working for these reps, program that into a "sales-at-scale" Marketing program to a large volume of leads that are highly informed, highly qualified, and already have a positive supply of trust-capital for your sales reps to build upon.

This momentum effectively automates the first 40% of the sales-cycle, allowing your best sales reps to focus their efforts on closing business.

Leverage Functional Marketing to automate 40% of your sales-cycle

Sales reps often get involved way too early in the sales-cycle, where they carry a significant load of orienting and educating the prospect. This takes a ton of time and keeps the reps from spending time on the backside of the sales-cycle with other prospects.

Our approach amplifies the impact of Marketing by turning it into a functional "sales-at-scale" tool purpose-built to systematically automate the front half of the sales-cycle orienting, education, building trust, and establishing your authority to prospects.

By the time a prospect becomes a "sales-qualified" they have a reservoir of trust-capital and positive momentum that your best sales reps will happily take advantage of.

Build trust.
Compel action.

Human beings make decisions emotionally and justify them rationally.

We understand people, we understand what drives behavior, and we know how to ethically get results. By combining 20+ years of real-world experience in technical service and solution selling, along with the principles of behavioral, social, and evolutionary psychology we know how to systematically connect with you prospects in ways that inform, build trust, compel action, and win.

↳ By the Numbers


Automated portion of the sales-cycle

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Percentage of revenue generated from 20% of your sales reps (your rock stars)

We learn what works from your best reps and systematically build functional "sales-at-scale" marketing.


Happier Sales Reps

Sales reps are simple; they just want leads. We produce leads that are high in volume, quality, trust-capital, and momentum that will put a smile on any sales reps face.

↳ Types of Services

Workshops to build a foundation for success.

Ineffective marketing is one of the biggest wastes of a company's time and money. It creates a divide between marketing and sales departments. Worst of all, ineffective marketing does not seize the opportunity to generate or capture growth potential.

Effective marketing lies beyond conventional thinking, and our workshops are designed to help you rethink and redeploy your marketing efforts to create and capture growth real growth opportunities. Our workshops are tailored to your unique needs to provide maximum value in minimal time. We present the core concepts required to build a foundation for applying marketing as sales-at-scale for your organization.

We'll teach you the concepts, guide the creation, and advise on strategic applications for a variety of core tenants of success ranging from:
+ a compelling story
+ problem breakdown
+ persona mapping
+ applying diffusion of innovation
+ campaigns that work
+ fundamentals of inbound marketing

From Research to Tactical Execution and Everything In Between.

Whether you are a start-up looking to fast-forward to success through a guided product launch, or you're a mature company looking for a marketing and sales overhaul we've got you covered. We bring everything needed to make your strategic project a success.

Revenue, Revenue, Revenue. That's our focus. Everything we do is oriented around generating the maximum amount of revenue in the shortest amount of time. Our process to getting there is straightforward and simple.

1. listen and to your goals.
2. collaborate to cut through any BS to create clarity.
3. build an informed strategy with tactical action elements.
4. execute action items.
5. measure. reassess. reshape. redeploy.

Our Deepest Commitment to Your Ongoing Success.

The most successful and sustainable marketing efforts come from having a team of experts invested in your success on an ongoing basis. Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, and Fractional VP of Business Development services provide you with access to our team's expertise, knowledge, and networks without the cost and commitment of a full-time hire.

Utilizing our fractional services will help ease the burden on your internal team, and provide you with a deep bench of resources to drive success. Fractional services are perfect for start-ups or organizations going through a period of high growth, or mid-market companies looking for reformational change. Our team can be there every step of the way to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

What's included in our fractional services:
+ deep and ongoing executive investment
+ a la carte services from any of our core offerings: strategic projects, workshops, or on-going fractional services.
+ monthly review and assessment meetings
+ quarterly in-person meetings

Note: We are completely committed to success and carry a limited number of fractional clients to ensure quality.

Bringing Functional marketing to companies looking go beyond the status-quo.