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A premium consulting firm focused on "sales-at-scale" marketing and sales cycle compression.

At Upward Spiral Group, we understand that sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Our mission is to help B2B companies achieve next-level growth by unifying these functions into a cohesive, streamlined force. By compressing the sales cycle and optimizing marketing efforts, we help our clients boost win percentages and capture more revenue per deal.

Our premium consulting services are tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring that they receive a customized solution that drives results.

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Why We Exist

"Our purpose is simple. We help business owners better align and optimize their sales and marketing strategies for maximum revenue generation."

Cody Strate, Founder & Managing Director


Success Stories

Featured client success stories

Explore inspiring success stories from our clients who have achieved next-level growth through our expert consulting and practical strategies.

Access eForms & MEDITECH as a Service

USG helped Access eForms partner with MEDITECH to create a better patient eSignature solution for MaaS, resulting in increased revenue for both companies.

Access eForms & MEDITECH as a Service

Transforming the Way Art is Measured and Leveraged as a Financial Asset

ARTBnk Revolutionizes the Art Market with USG's Enterprise Transformation

Transforming the Way Art is Measured and Leveraged as a Financial Asset



Our Expertise is Born From Hard Fought Experience

Our hard-fought experience has taught us resilience, adaptability, and the strategies to help you achieve success.

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Insights and Strategies for B2B Sales, Marketing, and Operations Success

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