The Law Firm of Tim Hartley
The Law Firm of Tim Hartley
The Law Firm of Tim Hartley

The Law Firm of Tim Hartley

"The impact of UPWARD's work on my practice has been profound. Not only has my digital presence been revolutionized, but the quality of my client engagements has never been better. This website truly represents who I am as a lawyer and how I approach my work, which is invaluable."

Through a bespoke digital strategy, UPWARD elevated Tim Hartley’s website beyond the ordinary, crafting a sophisticated platform that not only reflects his legal expertise but significantly enhances his market reach and client engagement.

The Law Firm of Tim Hartley


The Law Firm of Tim Hartley


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Tim Hartley is a solo practitioner attorney based in Rockwall, Texas. He specializes in providing personalized legal solutions across a broad array of issues, emphasizing client-centered service and tailored outcomes. His practice is founded on integrity and dedicated client advocacy.

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The Challenge

Tim Hartley, a solo practitioner, faced significant challenges with his digital presence, which had become a dated and ineffective reflection of his legal expertise. His website, the primary point of contact for potential clients, lacked the modern functionality expected in today's digital landscape, particularly failing to cater to mobile users. It was visually unappealing, functionally limited, and did not showcase the full scope of Tim's practice or his personalized approach to law. Furthermore, the site suffered from suboptimal content and SEO strategies, leading to poor search engine visibility and insufficient client engagement.

Determined to align his online presence with the high standards of his legal services, Tim sought a solution that would not merely match but exceed the typical digital offerings found in the legal industry. He reviewed multiple providers, only to find that most could only elevate his site to the industry standard—a level that was not sufficient for his aspirations. Tim expressed his frustration and ambition:

"Most firms are satisfied with a digital presence that checks the basic boxes, but that approach never resonated with me. I wanted more than just functional—I aimed for exceptional. I wasn't looking for a website that merely competed; I sought one that would set a new standard in how legal services are presented online." — Tim Hartley

When Tim first encountered UPWARD and spoke with Cody Strate, it was an instant connection. Tim recognized a shared dedication to exceptionalism and a desire to surpass the status quo. Cody was not just focused on creating a visually striking website, but more importantly, on using the website as a dynamic tool to forge connections and build trust. This alignment of visions made it clear that UPWARD was the perfect firm for the job.

Our Approach

Understanding the Vision

Understanding the depth of Tim Hartley's aspirations for his website, UPWARD adopted a comprehensive and tailored strategy. From our initial conversations, it was clear that Tim sought more than just aesthetic enhancements; he envisioned his website as a pivotal tool for establishing deep, meaningful connections and building trust with potential clients. Our approach was to create a user experience that was not only visually appealing but also exceptionally clean, polished, and fast, incorporating subtle yet impactful features designed to delight and engage visitors.

Cody Strate, founder of UPWARD, reflected on the project's inception:

"Working with Tim was a dream from the start. He had a clear vision—not for a site cluttered with mere accolades but for a platform that truly serves as a conduit between him and his clients. He understood the power of digital storytelling and its potential to build trust and convey genuine care. Our goal was to mirror this exceptionalism in every facet of the website." — Cody Strate

Deep Dive into Client Understanding

We immersed ourselves in understanding Tim’s practice and the typical concerns and backgrounds of his clients, who often approached him from daunting situations. This deep dive influenced every design and content decision, ensuring that the website resonated with his clients' needs and expectations.

Content Creation and Storytelling

The UPWARD team embarked on a comprehensive content creation process, including professional photography and videography that accurately captured Tim's professional and personal narratives. We produced several videos: one set in his office, where Tim discusses his approach to client issues and legal solutions, and another more personal piece that delves into his background, detailing the influences shaping his practice and his passionate commitment to his work.

The Outcome and Transformation

The redesign of Tim Hartley's website marked a significant turning point for his legal practice. Not only did the new site feature an enhanced aesthetic and functionality, but it also significantly improved his online visibility and client engagement. Key metrics demonstrated a notable increase in website traffic, much of which was driven by our targeted SEO enhancements, including optimized meta descriptions and the strategic use of next-gen image formats.

More importantly, the transformation went beyond mere numbers. The quality of Tim's client interactions saw profound improvements. The new website was able to not only attract new clients, but also educate them on Tim's approach and and services. This shift allowed Tim spend less time educating clients on the basics, and more time directly helping them which truly aligns with his expertise and passion.

"The transformation brought about by the new website was immediately evident in the caliber of clients it attracted. I've seen a significant influx of clients with more substantial cases and a greater propensity to pay, which has been a game changer for my practice. This shift allows me to focus more on what I do best—delivering exceptional legal services tailored to each client's unique needs." — Tim Hartley

Tim's professional image received a substantial boost as well. The feedback from clients, peers, and the broader community was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the website's ability to effectively communicate Tim's values and commitment. This enhanced reputation has not only solidified his standing in the local market but also set a new standard for what clients expect in legal services.

A Special Note on Video Content

A standout feature of the new website is the bespoke video content that brings Tim's story and professional ethos to life. These videos, crafted with high production values, feature Tim discussing his approach to legal challenges and his personal journey in law. They serve as a powerful tool for building trust and connection, allowing visitors to experience Tim's authenticity and commitment firsthand. Watch the videos here.

Client Feedback

Tim himself has noted the transformative effect of the new site:

"The impact of UPWARD's work on my practice has been profound. Not only has my digital presence been revolutionized, but the quality of my client engagements has never been better. This website truly represents who I am as a lawyer and how I approach my work, which is invaluable."— Tim Hartley

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