Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Services

Harness 20+ Years of Marketing Expertise to Drive Revenue—Without the Full-Time Executive Cost

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The High Cost of Top-Tier Marketing Leadership

Navigating the Challenges of Executive Agility and Affordability

Hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer is not only expensive but can also limit operational agility, making it a heavy burden for smaller companies or those in early funding stages like Series A or post Series B. Our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services address these challenges by offering the expertise of seasoned marketing executives without the full-time commitment. This provides the strategic agility and affordability essential for businesses looking to adapt dynamically to changing market conditions without the overhead of a traditional CMO role.
If your marketing efforts aren't translating into the ROI you anticipated, you're far from alone. The Upward Spiral Group exists to apply marketing in away that matters, bridge the sales/marketing gap and unlock your business's true growth potential.

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Our Fractional CMO Solution

Expertise Without the Expense: Strategic Leadership on Your Terms

Leverage the power of our Fractional CMO Services, where you gain more than 20 years of leadership experience in sales and marketing without the full-time executive cost. Our founder’s pedigree in sales infuses a revenue-first mentality into our strategic approach, ensuring that every marketing initiative is aligned with your business's revenue goals. We understand that marketing isn’t just about brand awareness—it’s about generating tangible, measurable returns.

With our fractional CMO services, you access top-tier marketing strategies that are not only effective but also specifically designed to increase your bottom line, providing you with the agility to scale efforts up or down based on your current business needs and market conditions.

Our Consulting Process

A Strategic Blueprint from Evaluation to Execution.

At The Upward Spiral Group, our consulting process is designed to be as straightforward as it is effective. Many CEOs approach us with an inkling of what might be hindering their marketing and sales performance. However, our goal isn't to echo their suspicions but to provide an unbiased, comprehensive analysis. By delving deeply into every facet of your operations, we uncover the full tapestry of factors impacting your current situation. Our objective evaluations lead to a clear, prioritized roadmap for improvement that often reveals insights beyond the initial executive hunches. This thorough approach not only clarifies the path to success but frequently delivers results that are both enlightening and transformative for the leadership teams we partner with.

Step 1


We start with a deep dive into your marketing and sales operations, assessing your messaging, methods, and team dynamics. This thorough analysis helps us identify key areas for improvement and lay the groundwork for targeted solutions.

Step 2


Based on our initial findings, we develop a prioritized list of actionable improvements. This phase focuses on refining your strategies and realigning your resources to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in reaching your revenue goals.

Step 3


Once the optimization plan is approved, you have the option to implement the strategies with your internal team or engage our experts to manage the execution. We support you through the implementation, ensuring that the strategies deliver the intended outcomes and drive success.

Flexible Leadership for Every Business Phase

Tailoring Our Services to Match Your Evolving Needs

Our Fractional CMO services are designed to provide maximum flexibility, catering specifically to smaller companies or those in pivotal Series A or B stages seeking to establish or reshape their marketing departments. Whether you're looking to fill a recent vacancy in marketing leadership or transition towards a more revenue-focused marketing strategy, we offer the expert guidance needed to navigate these critical transitions. Our approach not only fills the leadership gap but also sets a strategic course that aligns with your long-term business goals. We understand the unique challenges of scaling effectively and affordably, ensuring that our services adapt to meet your evolving needs without the overhead of a full-time executive.

Strategic Expertise

Access seasoned marketing expertise to lead strategic initiatives without the long-term commitment of a full-time executive.

Cost Efficiency

This flexible approach allows you to manage budget more efficiently while still accessing top-tier marketing leadership.

Quick Adaptability

Quickly adapt your marketing strategies to meet changing market conditions or company goals without the typical delays of hiring or onboarding new staff.

Focused Growth

Focus on critical growth areas with targeted expertise tailored to drive results in your specific industry or market segment.

Leadership Continuity

Maintain continuity in marketing leadership, especially during transitional periods such as post-leadership turnover or significant company milestones.

Foundational Development

Design and execute ad campaigns across digital platforms to maximize reach, engagement, and ROI.

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