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Our consulting services are designed to help you better align marketing and sales to create systematic, efficient, and optimized revenue generation.

Cody Strate meeting with a customer to review the findings from a marketing and sales analysis.


The Marketing & sales Misalignment

When Marketing Fails to Produce Revenue Opportunity.

There's no sugarcoating it—marketing demands significant investment, and rightfully, you expect substantial returns. Yet, too often, marketing fails to deliver the revenue opportunities it promises, leaving businesses questioning the worth of their expenditure. Beyond the financial drain, this shortfall breeds a rift between marketing and sales teams, undermining company culture and, more critically, stunting growth potential.

If your marketing efforts aren't translating into the ROI you anticipated, you're far from alone. The Upward Spiral Group exists to apply marketing in away that matters, bridge the sales/marketing gap and unlock your business's true growth potential.

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Our Approach

Optimize Your Marketing Investment to Maximize Revenue Generation.

At The Upward Spiral Group, we treat marketing as sales at scale, deeply integrated into the sales cycle to maximize revenue. Whether you're a seasoned company needing to optimize existing strategies or a Series A or B startup aiming to penetrate new markets, our sales-first approach ensures your marketing efforts directly contribute to your bottom line.

We optimize your marketing and sales investments, transforming them into a dynamic, revenue-generating engine tailored to your business's growth and market demands.

Our Consulting Process

A Strategic Blueprint from Evaluation to Execution.

At The Upward Spiral Group, our consulting process is designed to be as straightforward as it is effective. Many CEOs approach us with an inkling of what might be hindering their marketing and sales performance. However, our goal isn't to echo their suspicions but to provide an unbiased, comprehensive analysis. By delving deeply into every facet of your operations, we uncover the full tapestry of factors impacting your current situation. Our objective evaluations lead to a clear, prioritized roadmap for improvement that often reveals insights beyond the initial executive hunches. This thorough approach not only clarifies the path to success but frequently delivers results that are both enlightening and transformative for the leadership teams we partner with.

Step 1


We start with a deep dive into your marketing and sales operations, assessing your messaging, methods, and team dynamics. This thorough analysis helps us identify key areas for improvement and lay the groundwork for targeted solutions.

Step 2


Based on our initial findings, we develop a prioritized list of actionable improvements. This phase focuses on refining your strategies and realigning your resources to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in reaching your revenue goals.

Step 3


Once the optimization plan is approved, you have the option to implement the strategies with your internal team or engage our experts to manage the execution. We support you through the implementation, ensuring that the strategies deliver the intended outcomes and drive success.

Strategic Market Launch

Tailored Approaches for Utilizing VC & PE Funding to Dominate New Markets

Post-Series A or B, swiftly dominating new markets is crucial. At The Upward Spiral Group, we optimize your VC and PE investments with strategic market launch plans tailored to your unique needs. Our deep analysis of market trends, competitors, and consumer behavior ensures that every investment propels you towards rapid and sustainable market capture, transforming your startup into a market leader efficiently.

Market Research

Gain actionable insights with comprehensive analysis of market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.

Persona Mapping

Develop detailed buyer personas to guide customized marketing strategies and content creation.

Email Campaigns

Create targeted email marketing strategies that engage subscribers, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

Persona Mapping

Host informative webinars to position your brand as a thought leader and deepen engagement with potential customers.

Content Strategy and Creation

Craft compelling content that resonates with your audience, supports SEO efforts, and drives brand authority.

Advertising Strategy

Design and execute ad campaigns across digital platforms to maximize reach, engagement, and ROI.

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